Everton Defender, Leighton Baines, Spotted at LA Galaxy Training

Everton full back and England International, Leighton Baines, was spotted at an LA Galaxy training session. This sighting has raised some questions about a possible transfer.

After Leighton Baines was spotted at an LA Galaxy training session, many were speculating a possible transfer from the Everton full back to the Los Angeles based club. Baines has been viewed as one of the top left backs in the English Premier League over the past few years. He may be nearing the end of his career but he still has plenty of talent.

Leighton is a set piece expert and his offensive skill is matched by his defense. He is an excellent penalty taker and even though his pace has diminished over the past few years, his talent is almost unmatched by any other left back in the Barclays Premier League.

Leighton has been at Everton since 2007 and he has made 280 appearances for the club. Baines has scored 25 goals for Everton in his career. He has also made 30 caps for the England National Team where he has netted one goal.

The 31-year old full back has looked out of form as of late. This past season, he was coming off of an ankle injury that required surgery and he never seemed to fully recover. Baines may have a lot of game left in his career but he first must return to his old form.

One reddit user speculated that Baines could replace Ashley Cole as the LA Galaxy’s “Well paid but somehow still well-priced LB” in 2017. Perhaps he’ll get NDJ’s money when he, in turn, gets the DP pay/title bump.” That would not be a bad idea and it could be great for both sides.

Here is the picture of Leighton Baines:

The reporter that took the picture, Reshad Baha, said that it “Seemed like he was there as a guest of Cole. The two were havin’ a chat. Cole was knocking the ball around with his kid after. Everton might need him more than us currently.” This may end all the speculation surrounding a transfer rumor regarding Baines to the LA Galaxy.

Even if nothing comes of this situation, it was still an interesting story. I think that Leighton Baines would be great for the LA Galaxy and he would be a perfect replacement for Ashley Cole when he decides to retire and call it a career. It may take some time but