Los Angeles Galaxy Ins And Outs: February 3, 2015 (VIDEO)

Happy Super Tuesday on The View From Avalon, your Los Angeles Galaxy news and current affairs site on the FanSided Network. Bruce Arena’s Galaxy visited the White House and President Barack Obama yesterday, and Robbie Keane was beaming when asked of his visit to Washington, D.C.

“We spoke about when he was in Ireland in 2011 and I got to meet him. He gave a great speech there and said, ‘Is féidir linn’ which means ‘Yes we can’ [in Irish Gaelic],” Keane told LAGalaxy.com’s Adam Serrano. “I said that back to him and he said without any hesitation, ‘Yes we can.’ That was a real moment for me.

“You never get bored of coming here because you’re here because you won the championship and you never get bored of winning things. I hope that we’ll be here again next year.”

“If you’re feeling a little déjà vu, you’re not alone,” said Mr. Obama to the public, according to MLSSoccer.com’s Pablo Maurer. “Two years ago, we had the Galaxy and the Kings together here, so if you see Bill Murray playing piano in the foyer, you know something weird is going on, and we’ll probably be doing this again.”

“It’s always a great experience to be honored at the White House,” Arena said. “They’ve all been special experiences. Today was a little unique, to share the stage with the Kings, such a fantastic team, and also our own organization. It’s a really special moment for both teams. To recognize these athletes from the Kings and Galaxy is wonderful and the President was wonderful and the White House staff has been great as well.”

Take a look at the video, featuring Mr. Obama’s panegyric to the Galaxy and their most recent success.

Defender Omar Gonzalez, who was confused with White House intruder Omar J. Gonzalez, decided to play along and pull a clever Twitter prank. See below.

“Never did I imagine that I’d be coming to the white house this frequently, or winning three championships,” Gonzalez said. “You don’t even think about it. When you’re young you just want to become a professional athlete, reach your goals and then to become a pro and be a part of an amazing organization like the Galaxy.

“And then having great players around you where you have the opportunity to achieve such great success, it’s been incredible. Like I said before, every time we come here is special.”

Finally, Landon Donovan featured in a new commercial for Wells Fargo. MLSSoccer.com’s Sideline has the details.

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