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Los Angeles Galaxy Ins and Outs: December 18, 2012

With the offseason in full swing, now is the time for the man behind the View from Avalon to give his final verdict of the season performances for a number of players of the 2012 Los Angeles Galaxy first team.

Let’s start off with Brian Rowe, a third-string backup goalkeeper that was picked up during the midseason. He didn’t appear in any competitions but was a fixture in the Reserve League, helping lead Bruce Arena’s Galaxy to the West Division title there. For a majority of the year, Rowe was part of the MLS goalkeeper pool until July 13. He did play 45 minutes in a friendly against Tottenham Hotspur, a match that ended 1-1 on July 24.

“I bounced around at the beginning of the year and I wasn’t sure where I’d end up, but I ended up in LA with a great team. It was a lot of fun seeing how good a team this is, what kind of leaders these guys are and what it takes to make a push to win a championship,” Rowe told LAGalaxy.com’s Adam Serrano. “I learned that you never know what road that you’re going to take so you just need to stay with it and have faith in yourself. It’ll work out in the end if you just keep at it and keep putting the work in.”

Player rating for Brian Rowe: NR
Not enough games to warrant a player rating.

Now we move on to Paolo Cardozo, who was a midfielder that appeared in two matches. Cardozo was traded midway through the season to Chivas USA and saw action in 11 matches for the Goats. Cardozo never took part in any Reserve League matches for the Galaxy but did play for Chivas USA’s reserves. This was not a good year for Cardozo, who struggled not just for the Galaxy, but also for Chivas. It doesn’t look like this is a player that is ready to contribute in this league.

Player rating for Paolo Cardozo: 1/10
Unimpressive effort this season, and you can only wonder if he has any business playing in MLS from here on out.

On to Adam Cristman, who did play two matches in the regular season for the Galaxy, as well as a couple of matches for the reserves. The problem with Cristman was that he was prone to concussions, and on July 3, he called it a career.

Player rating for Adam Cristman: NR
Not enough matches, and he gets a pass due to his medical conditions.

Next up is the En Zedder himself, Dan Keat. While Keat was a bookend for the All Whites, he couldn’t break into the first team. However, he did contribute in CONCACAF Champions League play, participating in two group stage matches. Keat also played in five MLS Reserve League games. A torn meniscus prevented Keat from being a regular contributor this season to the Galaxy.

Player Rating for Dan Keat: 2/10
Could have been a major contributor to the cause, but injuries prevented Dan Keat from helping the Los Angeles Galaxy this year.

Jack McBean is next, and this Homegrown product has shined in the MLS Reserve League with five goals and one assist in eight appearances. McBean recorded three goals in three appearances in MLS/CCL play and was the leading goal scorer in CCL play for Los Angeles. This is a player with a bright future playing with the big boys, and with two MLS cup rings to his credit, Jack Mac is on his way to more successes in the blue, gold and white of his club.

Player rating for Jack McBean: 6.5/10
Didn’t start a lot in MLS play, but McBean made up for it by becoming a workhorse in CCL and Reserve League competition.

Bill Gaudette was a backup goalkeeper that has four appearances in goal for the Galaxy in MLS play, while playing in two Reserve League contests. However, his inconsistency forced Bruce Arena’s hand, and he was traded to the New York Red Bulls, where a back problem forced him to be relegated to a backup in September.

Player rating for Bill Gaudette: 2.5/10
Gaudette could not lock down a starting position and had to be traded away to New York, where he also could not break through.

Closing out this batch of player ratings is that for Kenney Walker, the rookie midfielder from Louisville. Walker played in four first-team contests, including three CONCACAF Champions League group stage matches. Walker also played in all 10 MLS Reserve League games, recording two assists.

Player rating for Kenney Walker: 5/10
It’s going to take some time for Walker to earn his place next year, but for a rookie, the future looks very optomistic indeed.

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