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Should Liga MX Use Pro/Rel or Franchise System?

Something has been personally bothering me the past few months following the end of the 2012-13 Liga MX season. A number of owners in Liga MX have been making a mockery of the promotion/relegation system by buying teams and moving teams.

One such case is Queretaro FC, who were originally relegated to Ascenso MX after an unimpressive year. The owner of the club elects to purchase Jaguares de Chiapas and move them to Queretaro while liquidating the original team, thus making it look like relegation never happened to the club.

As for the Chiapas club, San Luis F.C. were acquired by the Chiapas owners and became the new Chiapas F.C. Meanwhile, La Piedad, which was promoted from Ascenso MX, was acquired by Veracruz, allowing them to play in Liga MX, even though technically, they should be in the Ascenso for next season.

All these moves by different clubs for the sake of keeping first-division soccer alive in their cities are making a mockery of promotion and relegation in Mexico. It’s a farce. A complete joke, and something that now forced the country to have to make a choice.

The question now is: does Mexico stay with pro/rel and risk more clubs racing to stay in the first division by moving teams, or does it do what Major League Soccer does and use a franchise system to allow free movement of clubs?

I personally recommend keeping the two divisions, but basing it on overall finances and buying power. People talk about the Mexicanization of the United States. Well, what about the Americanization of Mexico? We’re all North Americans. Our official languages are English, French and Spanish.

Mexico needs to get rid of promotion and relegation because clubs are moving in and out of town, then defeating the purpose of the current system. It’s not working, and it needs to be scrapped. Then again, this is Mexico we’re talking about here, so you can take a guess as to whether or not the FMF will even take any action to rectify this phemonenon…

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