This Real Madrid legend would be a dream LA Galaxy designated player

Real Madrid CF v Celta Vigo - LaLiga EA Sports
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Two out of three LA Galaxy designated players have started the 2024 MLS season well. Ghanaian international winger Jospeh Painstil has scored one goal and provided one assist, starting every game so far this season. Midfielder Riqui Puig has lived up to the expectation, scoring twice from midfield. Gabriel Pec is having a slower start to the season but he will pull through given time.

So, Puig is the standout performer for the Galaxy. It really doesn't come as a surprise since he's one of the most profitable assets available to Galaxy. Although, do not get it twisted - The club should do everything in their power to keep the Spaniard in the roster.

This Real Madrid legend would be a dream LA Galaxy designated player

Galaxy were one of the founding members of the MLS, given it's name due to Los Angeles attracting the stars of the world. As one of the breakout stars in La Liga, Puig was attracted to the club, which got me thinking... Why don't LA Galaxy chase Luka Modric?

Luka Modric is nearing the end of his Real Madrid contract. The Croatian midfielder remains one of the best midfielders in the world and in his prime, this was undisputed. As a player who has been there and done it all, he would be a dream asset to the LA Galaxy roster and, of course, provide great mentorship to Puig (not that he needs much mentoring).

Given Luka Modric's exceptional qualities and European stardom, he is more than likely going to require a designated player spot. This is something which could be arranged upon the expiry of his contract, with the secondary transfer window opening in the middle of July and running until August.

Jumping ahead and without delving into the logistics of the signing, Luka Modric would be an exceptional signing for the Galaxy. Of course, many factors go into this but in a dream world where those factors could be aligned, LA Galaxy should absolutely put themselves forward for the free signing of Luka Modric. Where's the harm in trying, at least?


Could you envision Luka Modric donning the LA Galaxy jersey?