MLS top scorers after MD21, Arango, Messi, and Joveljic in the mix

This season, the Galaxy is back, not only in league standings but also in individual statistics
As the MLS season hits its midpoint, the Golden Boot race is heating up, with fans eagerly following the league's top scorers.
As the MLS season hits its midpoint, the Golden Boot race is heating up, with fans eagerly following the league's top scorers. / Michael Janosz/ISI Photos/GettyImages

As we pass the midpoint of the MLS season, the race for the Golden Boot is heating up. With several players demonstrating exceptional form, fans are eagerly watching the top scorers in the league.

Here’s a look at the current leaders after Matchday 21, with a special emphasis on LA Galaxy’s standout performer, Dejan Joveljic.

Leading the pack

Cristian Arango (Real Salt Lake): 16 goals

Cristian Arango has been a force to be reckoned with this season, consistently finding the back of the net for Real Salt Lake. His clinical finishing and ability to perform under pressure have made him the top scorer in the league so far.

Christian Benteke (DC United): 14 goals

Christian Benteke has brought his European experience to DC United with great success. His physical presence and aerial prowess have troubled defenders throughout the season, earning him the second spot on the scoring chart.

Denis Bouanga (LAFC): 13 goals

Denis Bouanga has been instrumental for LAFC, showcasing his attacking versatility and scoring crucial goals. His partnership with other key players has been vital for LAFC's strong performance this season.

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A tight contest

Mateusz Bogusz (LAFC): 12 goals

Another LAFC star, Mateusz Bogusz, has been a revelation this season. His knack for being in the right place at the right time has seen him score consistently, keeping him in the top scorer conversation.

Lionel Messi (Inter Miami): 12 goals

The legendary Lionel Messi has taken MLS by storm since his arrival at Inter Miami. His world-class skills and vision have translated well into the league, making him one of the top scorers despite joining midway through the season.

Luis Suárez (Inter Miami): 12 goals

Joining forces with Messi, Luis Suárez has also made a significant impact at Inter Miami. His experience and goal-scoring ability have been on full display, helping to boost Miami’s attacking threat.

Dejan Joveljic (LA Galaxy): 12 goals

Finally, we turn our attention to Dejan Joveljic of LA Galaxy. After a challenging season last year, Joveljic has truly found his stride. His 12 goals so far have been crucial for the Galaxy, highlighting his growth and importance to the team.

Joveljic's breakout season

Dejan Joveljic’s performance this season marks a significant turnaround from last year. Despite struggling to establish himself in LA Galaxy’s frontline previously, this year has seen him step up and deliver when it matters most. His consistent scoring has not only helped his team stay competitive but has also demonstrated his potential to become one of the league’s top strikers.

Joveljic's ability to read the game, coupled with his improved finishing, has made him a key player for the Galaxy. His contributions have been vital in crucial matches, and his partnership with other attacking players has flourished, creating a dynamic and potent offensive threat.

Looking ahead

The battle for the top scorer title will undoubtedly intensify. With players like Joveljic, Messi, and Suárez all vying for the Golden Boot, fans can expect an exciting finish to the MLS season. For LA Galaxy supporters, Joveljic’s rise has been a highlight.

Will Joveljic continue his impressive form and challenge for the top spot? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the race for the MLS Golden Boot is far from over.


Who do you think will finish as the top scorer this season?