Why is the match between LA Galaxy and LAFC called "El Trafico"?

Los Angeles Galaxy v Los Angeles FC
Los Angeles Galaxy v Los Angeles FC / Melinda Meijer/ISI Photos/GettyImages

The LAFC vs. LA Galaxy classic has managed to become one of the most enticing matchups in MLS today, regardless of whether it's a regular-season clash or a postseason showdown. This fixture captivates one of the United States' major cities.

Since its inception in 2018, both clubs have stirred the emotions of their fans. However, one remarkable aspect that continues to draw attention is the peculiar name adopted for this rivalry, as it was christened "El Trafico," a name that has raised eyebrows for its unconventional use in a league that is increasingly followed worldwide.

Although the duel between LA Galaxy and LAFC is now universally recognized as "El Trafico" within MLS, the name initially couldn't have been farther from an official proposal. According to Rich Orosco, the Executive Vice President of the LAFC brand, he revealed in 2020 that the current name for the classic was initially nothing more than a joke. He asserted that it would be short-lived and implied that it would be changed. However, that didn't happen.

"The traffic, the name... it was a joke, it was just a joke. This is my prediction: it won't be 'El Trafico' for very long, I guarantee it," stated the executive from the 'Black & Gold' club at that time.

Furthermore, it has been disclosed that initially, "El Trafico" was part of a list that underwent a fan vote to select an authentic name that would identify the match, much like the famous "El Clásico" in Spain, which simply refers to the significant encounter between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

However, during the voting process conducted on fan sites of both clubs, "El Trafico" emerged as the overwhelming favorite. This was due to the description that linked the match to the notorious traffic challenges experienced daily in Los Angeles. This association led to the adoption of this name for the matchup, a name that endures to this day.