Media outlet provides improvement keys from LA Galaxy's 1-1 draw against Inter Miami

Inter Miami CF v Los Angeles Galaxy
Inter Miami CF v Los Angeles Galaxy / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

Following the LA Galaxy's 1-1 draw against Inter Miami on February 25th, Corner of the Galaxy provided valuable insights into the team's performance and areas for improvement.

Firstly, the article emphasized the importance of winning consistently to establish the Galaxy as perennial contenders for trophies. Key figures like head coach Greg Vanney, assistant coach Dan Kuntz, and players such as Miki Yamane and Mark Delgado, who have experienced championship success, play crucial roles in achieving this goal. However, it's noted that no one else on the current roster or coaching staff has been part of a trophy-winning team, highlighting the need for a winning mentality throughout the organization.

Improvement keys from LA Galaxy's 1-1 draw against Inter Miami

The analysis also delved into tactical adjustments made by Vanney, particularly in breaking through Miami's pressing game without Riqui Puig. This allowed the new number ten to operate closer to the attacking zones, creating overloads and providing opportunities for the Galaxy's attackers. The article praised the team's coordination off the ball and rapid passing sequences, which disrupted Miami's defense and created scoring opportunities.

However, the article pointed out instances where individual decision-making could be improved, particularly with Puig's insistence on taking a penalty despite Paintsil's higher conversion rate. It emphasized the need for Puig to adapt his game to benefit the team and for Vanney to foster a culture where the best players elevate the performance of their teammates.

Looking ahead to the 2024 season, the article sees it as a crucial test for both Puig and Vanney. Puig must demonstrate flexibility in his playing style to complement his teammates, while Vanney must ensure that every member of the squad contributes to the team's success. The pressure is on for both Puig and Vanney to deliver on their promises and elevate the Galaxy to elite status once again.


In summary, Corner of the Galaxy's analysis highlights the importance of a winning mentality, tactical adaptability, and individual accountability in the Galaxy's quest for success in the upcoming season.