LAFC's goals that secured victory over LA Galaxy in 'El Tráfico' on video

LAFC's timely goals led to a 2-1 victory over LA Galaxy in the latest 'El Tráfico' match.
LAFC's timely goals led to a 2-1 victory over LA Galaxy in the latest 'El Tráfico' match. / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

In the latest chapter of the Los Angeles derby between LAFC and LA Galaxy, fans were treated to an intense battle that saw LAFC emerging victorious with a 2-1 scoreline. While LA Galaxy fought hard, it was the timely goals from their rivals that made the difference.

LAFC wasted no time asserting their dominance, with Timothy Tillman finding the back of the net early in the 4th minute, setting the tone for an action-packed match. However, LA Galaxy quickly responded, with Julián Aude leveling the score in the 29th minute with a well-executed goal, keeping the contest finely balanced.

Timothy Tillman's goal

The turning point came in the second half when Denis Bouanga converted a penalty in the 53rd minute, giving LAFC the lead. Despite LA Galaxy's relentless efforts to equalize, the exceptional performance of John McCarthy in LAFC's goal denied them any further goals.

Denis Bouanga's goal

The match saw thrilling moments and opportunities for both teams, with McCarthy making several outstanding saves to frustrate LA Galaxy's attacking efforts. Despite LA Galaxy's chances, they were unable to find the back of the net enough times to secure a win.

Controversy arose with the penalty awarded against LA Galaxy. Despite VAR review showing no contact, the referee upheld his decision, granting LAFC a crucial scoring opportunity that Bouanga capitalized on.

With this result, LAFC strengthens their position in the table, while LA Galaxy prepares for their upcoming challenge against the Vancouver Whitecaps. Despite the defeat, LA Galaxy will be looking to bounce back stronger in their next fixture.