LA Galaxy's Mark Delgado's full preseason press conference on video

Los Angeles Galaxy v Los Angeles FC
Los Angeles Galaxy v Los Angeles FC / Melinda Meijer/ISI Photos/GettyImages

Mark Delgado, the skilled midfielder for LA Galaxy, set a positive tone for the upcoming season in a comprehensive preseason press conference on January 18, 2024. Delgado expressed his excitement about the approaching season and his eagerness to reunite with teammates while welcoming new additions to the squad.

During the press conference, Delgado highlighted the camaraderie within the team, emphasizing the positive dynamics and special connections among the players. He conveyed a sense of optimism about the team's potential, emphasizing the importance of building strong relationships on and off the field to enhance overall performance.

In terms of his physical condition, Delgado reassured fans that he is in excellent shape and ready to compete at a high level. Without delving into specific details, he conveyed confidence in his fitness levels, attributing it to intense offseason training. This declaration instills confidence among supporters regarding Delgado's preparedness for the challenges the season may present.

As LA Galaxy gears up for the new season, Mark Delgado's positive outlook and commitment to team unity stand out as key elements that could contribute to the team's success. Fans can anticipate a dynamic and impactful performance from Delgado, both in midfield battles and strategic plays, as the team aims for glory in the upcoming season.

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In summary, Mark Delgado's preseason press conference provided insights into his excitement for the upcoming season, emphasizing team dynamics and his physical readiness without delving into specific details. His positive mindset and dedication to the LA Galaxy's collective success make him a crucial asset as the team embarks on the challenges of the new season.