LA Galaxy's Dejan Joveljic cheers Serbian chess team for European triumph

LA Galaxy v LAFC
LA Galaxy v LAFC / Matthew Ashton - AMA/GettyImages

Dejan Joveljic, the talented forward for LA Galaxy, known for his passion for chess alongside his football prowess, recently took to his social media platform, X, to extend his congratulations to the Serbian Chess Team for securing the European Chess Championship title.

Since joining LA Galaxy in the summer of 2021, Joveljic has showcased not only his skills on the football field but also his deep admiration for the strategic game of chess.

On his X account, Joveljic expressed his excitement, posting: "Serbia is European Chess Champion! Congratulations to my friends, amazing achievement! Well done!"

His heartfelt message resonated with his followers, showcasing his support and pride for his country's success in the chess arena. It's evident that beyond the football pitch, Joveljic remains a fervent admirer and supporter of intellectual sports like chess.

Joveljic's gesture highlights his multifaceted interests and his eagerness to celebrate achievements beyond the realm of football. His acknowledgment of the Serbian Chess Team's triumph serves as a reminder of the diverse interests and passions that athletes, like Joveljic, pursue off the field.

As a dedicated member of the LA Galaxy and an enthusiast of both football and chess, Joveljic's public acknowledgment of the Serbian Chess Team's victory adds a refreshing touch, emphasizing the importance of celebrating success in various arenas beyond sports.

As Joveljic continues to make his mark on the football pitch with LA Galaxy, his acknowledgment of the Serbian Chess Team's accomplishment serves as a testament to his respect for excellence in all forms of competition.