LA Galaxy fans criticize Mark Delgado's yellow card against Inter Miami

In a recent LA Galaxy versus Inter Miami match, tensions flared when Mark Delgado of LA Galaxy 'tackled' Sergio Busquets, sparking controversy

LA Galaxy fans.
LA Galaxy fans. / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

In the wake of the contentious match between LA Galaxy and Inter Miami on February 25th, where Mark Delgado received a yellow card for a challenge on Sergio Busquets, fans have taken to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the officiating.

LA Galaxy 310's post on X platform, "I hope MLS does the right thing and overturns this. Shocking officiating all night," encapsulated the frustration felt by many supporters. The comment highlighted not only the specific incident but also a broader sentiment regarding the quality of refereeing throughout the game.

LA Galaxy fans criticize Mark Delgado's yellow card against Inter Miami

Responses flooded in, echoing the sentiment and demanding action from Major League Soccer (MLS). One fan stated, "If they aren’t gonna give good refs a LIVEABLE wage they need to at least overturn an error, ridiculous," emphasizing the need for accountability and fair compensation for referees. Another comment urged, "MLS must overturn this yellow card immediately!", reflecting the urgency felt by fans to rectify what they perceive as an unjust decision.

Criticism also extended to the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system, with fans questioning its effectiveness in overturning erroneous calls. "I can understand the ref getting it wrong but it stinks that VAR didn't overturn it. There should be no distinction between a straight red and a second yellow," remarked one supporter, underscoring the importance of VAR in ensuring the integrity of the game.

The outcry from LA Galaxy fans underscores the passionate engagement and investment of supporters in the sport. Beyond mere frustration, these comments reflect a desire for transparency, accountability, and fairness within the league's officiating system.


In response to the overwhelming feedback from fans, MLS officials are expected to review the incident and address concerns regarding Delgado's yellow card. While the outcome remains uncertain, the vocal response from supporters serves as a reminder of the pivotal role fans play in shaping the discourse and direction of the sport they love.