Journalist dubs MLS "Messi League Soccer" after LA Galaxy vs. Inter Miami showdown

Inter Miami v Los Angeles Galaxy
Inter Miami v Los Angeles Galaxy / Shaun Clark/GettyImages

The recent clash between the LA Galaxy and Inter Miami, culminating in a 1-1 draw marked by contentious refereeing decisions, prompted ESPN journalist Álvaro Morales to coin a new name for the MLS – "Messi League Soccer."

As tensions rose on the pitch, with Dejan Joveljic's 30th-minute goal for the Galaxy setting the stage, it was Lionel Messi who emerged as the driving force behind Inter Miami's pursuit of an equalizer. With Marco Delgado receiving a second yellow card and subsequent expulsion, the stage was set for Messi's dramatic late goal, igniting Morales's creative flair.

In a moment of ironic commentary, Morales took to Instagram to playfully rename the MLS in honor of Messi's decisive goal. "There it is: only with a Galaxy red card and seven extra minutes could Messi score. Just like that! The Messi League Soccer. You were warned," proclaimed the ESPN journalist.

Journalist dubs MLS "Messi League Soccer" after LA Galaxy vs. Inter Miami showdown

While Morales's remark may have been made in jest, it highlights the ongoing debate surrounding the influence of high-profile players like Messi on the MLS. Some may argue that such comments diminish the league's identity and suggest an over-reliance on individual star power rather than promoting the collective strength of all teams and players within the MLS.


As the MLS strives for recognition on the global stage, it must balance celebrating individual talent with promoting the league's overall competitiveness and unique qualities. While Messi's presence undoubtedly brings attention and excitement to the MLS, it's essential to acknowledge the contributions of all players and teams in shaping the league's narrative and success.