Iconic moment: Carlos Ruiz's bicycle-kick goal earns top honor in MLS

Carlos Ruiz tells his teammate to use their heads
Carlos Ruiz tells his teammate to use their heads / Victor Decolongon/GettyImages

On this day in 2003, a moment of sheer brilliance lit up Major League Soccer as Carlos Ruiz's unforgettable bicycle-kick goal for LA Galaxy against Columbus Crew was crowned the league's Play of the Year. Ruiz's acrobatic and stunning strike captured the imagination of soccer enthusiasts worldwide, showcasing his incredible skill and finesse on the field.

Not only did Ruiz leave an indelible mark with his breathtaking goal, but he also shared the prestigious Golden Boot award with Taylor Twellman. This recognition solidified Ruiz's position as one of the league's most prolific goal scorers, highlighting his exceptional talent and contributions to LA Galaxy's success that season.

In tandem with Ruiz's remarkable achievement, Doug Hamilton earned recognition as the top executive. His strategic guidance and leadership played a pivotal role in steering the league forward, contributing significantly to its growth and success during that period.

The honoring of Ruiz's extraordinary bicycle-kick goal, coupled with his shared Golden Boot accolade alongside Twellman and Hamilton's acknowledgment, marks this day in 2003 as a pivotal moment in MLS history. It celebrates the outstanding talent of Ruiz, the achievements of top scorers, and the vital contributions of league executives in shaping and advancing Major League Soccer.