Greg Vanney's continuation at LA Galaxy: Assessing risks and expectations

Seattle Sounders FC v Los Angeles Galaxy
Seattle Sounders FC v Los Angeles Galaxy / Michael Janosz/ISI Photos/GettyImages

In his recent newsletter, "The Galactic Tribune," Alex Ruiz, a prominent writer covering LA Galaxy, expressed concerns about the decision to retain Greg Vanney as the Head Coach. Ruiz highlighted the perceived risks associated with this move, both for the club and Vanney himself.

"While Greg Vanney remains at the helm of the LA Galaxy, it's undeniably a precarious decision. Failing to secure playoffs in two of the last three years, an outcome that often results in managerial changes, yet Vanney continues leading the Galaxy into the 2024 MLS campaign," Ruiz noted.

Assessing Vanney's tenure, Ruiz outlined, "In his three-year span with the Galaxy, the team only managed one playoff appearance. Vanney's record stands at 42 wins, 43 losses, and 29 draws across all competitions, averaging 1.31 points per match in MLS regular season play. However, this places the Galaxy at the 8th position among 13 Western Conference clubs in the last three years, excluding St. Louis and Nashville."

Ruiz didn't shy away from addressing the mounting pressure on Vanney, stating, "Vanney's position appears precarious as we head into the 2024 season. The LA Galaxy sets high standards, and the fanbase is eager to reclaim a spot among MLS elites. Vanney has yet to deliver on this front, which has left much of the fanbase with mixed feelings as he enters his fourth year in charge."

The opinions expressed by Alex Ruiz reflect the sentiments of many Galaxy supporters, as they weigh Vanney's past performance against their aspirations for the team's future success in Major League Soccer.