Can Dejan Joveljić be more than just LA Galaxy's supersub?

Joveljic has been a star for LA Galaxy in his limited playing time.
Joveljic has been a star for LA Galaxy in his limited playing time. / Shaun Clark/GettyImages

The star-studded LA Galaxy's best player through 15 matches hasn't been who most have expected with decorated players like Javier Hernandez and Douglas Costa on the roster. Instead, it has been Serbian attacker Dejan Joveljić, a player that has started just one game for the club. The Galaxy's supersub has been dynamic for the team, contributing to five goals in the last two matches.

In just 294 minutes for the club, Joveljić has contributed four goals and two assists and his 1.84 G+A per 90 minutes leads the MLS by a large margin. His two-goal, two-assist explosion against Austin FC in just 34 minutes showed the league what he is capable of. The thrilling attacker knows how to get the ball into the net.

Of his 13 appearances, he played under ten minutes in five of them, but his numbers have started to go up recently. Joveljić has played an average of 46.5 minutes in the last two matches, and with that time, he has performed excellently. If he is doing this with an average of just 22.6 minutes per match, imagine what the Serbian could do with extended minutes.

Going forward, it would make sense for the underperforming Galaxy to insert Joveljić into the starting lineup with Chicharito by his side, as the duo has shown flashes with the Serbian assisting the Mexican for his most recent goal. But with this decision, a question must be answered: Is Joveljić's role as an energetic, explosive supersub that comes into the match against worn down defenses the role that is the best for him?

No team in the MLS arguably has more attacking talent in the MLS than the LA Galaxy with the trio of Chicharito, Douglas Costa and Dejan Joveljić. It remains to be determined how the three players will perform on the field together as starters, but one thing is for certain: Joveljić needs to be on the field more going forward.